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Publisher: DC
Title: DCU: Legacies
Page Count: 48
Genre: Science Fiction, Superhero
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 3.99 USD; 3.99 CAD
Cover Date: September 2010
UPC: 76194127789900511
Country: United States
Paul Lincoln chronicles the many changes amongst the ranks of super-heroes after the death of the original Doom Patrol through to the beginning of the red-sky crisis, and how the threats to the super-heroes became ever more dangerous and deadly.; Adam Strange is beamed into a contest between heroes Captain Comet, Tommy Tomorrow, Space Ranger, and Cryll and a bunch of familiar villains. With his knowledge of the villains, Adam leads the heroes in neutralizing their enemies and deduces where the manipulators behind the contest, Hyathis and Kanjar Ro, are located. The game at an end, Strange forces Kanjar Ro to return the heroes to their own times and places.