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Publisher: DC
Title: Detective Comics
Page Count: 68
Genre: Adventure, Detective-mystery, Humor
Era: Golden
Cover Price: 0.10 USD
Cover Date: February 1937
Country: United States
Venturing into downtown San Francisco, Bruce finds it odd to see a Chinese restaurant among the buildings, and no one to wait upon him when he enters desiring a meal. Stranger still, another couple enters and is served anything they desire. When he decides to stick around and see what develops, he and the couple are suddenly grabbed and blindfolded!; The daughter of a chain-store magnate wants to hire Slam to guard her valuable poodle, and when he turns it down, Shorty volunteers.; Speed investigates the murder of several Chinamen along the wharf area and uncovers a human smuggling operation.; A millionaire that has just bought the fabulously valuable Rhanggwa Pearls receives a letter from someone threatening to steal them.; Confronted by a series of murders, Bret forages into the Peruvian jungles to ascertain why a hole appears in each victim's throat, but they were not shot!; Buck is called in to discover the truth behind some rustling charges between two cattle ranchers that have had hard feelings for each other since a land deal went bad.; Gus is sent to a rich woman's home to watch over her pearls during a party and nabs a man he sees pocketing them. Unfortunately for Gus, it is the Chief!; Bart is called on to volunteer for a secret spy case, but in doing so, he must forgo his own personal agenda, including his marriage to fiance Sally.; Jake is called in to solve the theft of some pearls, and promptly discovers that there were no pearls in the first place!