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Publisher: Archie
Title: Everything's Archie
Page Count: 36
Genre: Teen
Era: Copper
Cover Price: 1.00 USD
Cover Date: July 1990
Country: United States
The Archies are competing against a band called the Sleaze for a gig, and the other band lives up to their name by splashing a bedraggled hitchhiker. The Archies stop to help, which lands them a more important booking because the hitchhiker is really a resort owner who was stranded in the rain.; Reggie tries to frame Archie for vandalizing school property so Archie will get detention and Reggie can take Veronica out.; No one wants to compete with Reggie because he always pulls out an arcane rule to justify his winning.; In prehistoric times, the gang meets Zantar, king of the jungle, and his monkey sidekick Chee Chee.