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Publisher: Marvel
Title: Journey into Mystery
Page Count: 36
Genre: Fantasy, Superhero
Era: Silver
Cover Price: 0.12 USD
Cover Date: February 1965
Country: United States
Thor upsets Odin again by declaring his love for Jane Foster. Don Blake reveals his secret identity to Jane, but she doesn't believe him. He stamps his cane and nothing happens because, unknown to him, Odin has removed the enchantment which allows him to become the God of Thunder. The Grey Gargoyle appears and attacks Don and Jane. They flee. Odin sends Honir the Hunter to aid Blake. Honir distracts the Gargoyle and grants Blake the ability to become Thor for 30 seconds, long enough to defeat the Gargoyle. Blake assists Jane and retracts his earlier admission saying the madness has left him.; Thor defends Loki after Loki is caught engaging in mystical mischief. Loki resents Thor's popularity and physical superiority vowing that, one day, Thor must be destroyed!