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Publisher: Archie
Title: Jughead's Double Digest
Page Count: 164
Genre: Humor, Teen
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 3.99 USD
Cover Date: March 2012
UPC: 76281646952417911
Country: United States
The Jones family travels to the grandparents house for a family reunion.; Jughead finds a briefcase and thinks it was discarded by a spy.; Pop Tate hires a professional photography crew for a Sunday ad, including a very picky food stylist, in order to photograph the perfect burger.; Archie and Jughead have just seen the movie Masters of the Ring and discuss the characters in the movie.; Jughead dreams that he's the superhero Cap'n Jay.; Reggie bets Jughead he can't go three days without eating a doughnut.; Jughead buys an extendable claw and finds lots of uses for it.; After a fight with Veronica, Archie writes a letter to her telling her what a snob he thinks she is. Jughead offers to deliver the letter, then rewrites it for Archie knowing that he will regret what he sent in his letter.; Though Mr. Smythe mocks Rebel as a pathetic excuse for a dog, when Smythe and Bingo are confronted by muggers it's Rebel's quick thinking -- and a little whipped cream-- that saves the day.; Jughead's family gets a cat and Hot Dog isn't happy about the situation.; Jughead, Dilton and Reggie attend a Psychic Fair.; Jughead and Moose create a partnership making homemade cookies.; Jughead is forced to babysit his little sister so he takes her to the mall, where they both win first prize in a contest.; Mr. Weatherbee convinces Jughead to begin eating in the school cafeteria again instead of at local restaurants.; Archie hears that girls like a guy in uniform and thinks about joining the military when he graduates.; Jellybean has been running up the phone bill.; The restaurant next door starts serving pizza and taking away Pop Tate's business.; Jughead switches to eating veggie burgers but can't convince anyone else that they taste good.; Mr. Weatherbee asks Jughead to test the food in the school cafeteria. When it passes Jughead's test he then asks Jughead to explain why none of the students eat there.; Jellybean's daycare is closed for the day so Jughead sneaks her into the school.; Jughead's hands are bandaged up after an accident, how will he eat?; Hot Dog wakes Jughead up so they can go to the new dog-friendly mall.; Mr. Smythe offends Bingo by repeatedly making fun of his nickname.; Archie likes the new girl at the copy store.; Jughead is so tired he forgets he already ate breakfast.; Jughead's snoring is keeping Reggie and Archie awake.; Jughead tricks Archie into dealing with the Klobber Brothers.; The theater has a special size of popcorn for Jughead.; Jughead and Archie try to shame Jughead's father into raising his allowance.; Reggie claims his dog is smarter than Hot Dog.; Jughead paints an unflattering portrait of Ethel who then knocks him into another painting.