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Publisher: Marvel
Title: Marvel Premiere
Page Count: 36
Genre: Martial Arts, Superhero
Era: Bronze
Cover Price: 0.25 USD
Cover Date: March 1975
Country: United States
Batroc becomes enraged when the Meachums refuse to pay him for failing to kill Iron Fist. Iron Fist arrives at the Wings to find dead cult members lying in rubble but no sign of his friends. Misty Knight arrives and attacks Danny whom she suspects has done something with Colleen. Iron Fist follows the Ninja to the underground Temple of Kali where he finds Lee and Colleen in chains. He battles the daughters of Kali, but the Sacred Volume of Kali is burned up in the conflict. This enrages the Ninja who splits off from Lee Wing whom he has been possessing and prepares to kill Iron Fist.