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Publisher: DC
Title: Secret Origins
Page Count: 100
Genre: Science Fiction, Superhero, Western-frontier
Era: Copper
Cover Price: 3.95 USD; 4.95 CAD
Cover Date: June 1990
Country: United States
As the original Black Canary is hospitalized and dying of cancer, her daughter recalls how they both trained to become superheroes.; Elementary student Garfield Logan writes about when he met the two Flashes and how they defeated the villains who made Keystone City vanish.; Former Navy diver Chris Landau has spent twenty years trying to find Dolphin again, who now performs a marine park in Florida. He discovers that they were both part of an alien experiment.; Johnny Thunder recalls his past while plotting to save his father, Sheriff Tane, from abductors.; Howard Parker tells his son, Tommy, how he defeated the Peganan aliens and founded the Space Museum.