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Publisher: Marvel
Title: Silver Surfer
Page Count: 52
Genre: Superhero
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 1.75 USD
Cover Date: July 1993
Country: United States
Tyrant taunts the Silver Surfer and his fallen cosmic comrades as he tells them they will be the power source for his giant space fortress as he begins to take over the universe. Jack of Hearts is dragged in but creates a powerful blast that frees the Surfer and his allies. Surfer, Ganymede, Bill and Gladiator begin to battle Tyrant and his robotic soldiers but Morg and Terrax fight each other. Galactus shows up looking for Morg. Galactus and Tyrant discuss their past encounters and cut a deal. Tyrant gets to keep Galactus' herald, Morg, but the rest of the heroes are allowed to go free.