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Publisher: Marvel
Title: Amazing Spider-Man
Page Count: 36
Genre: Superhero
Era: Bronze
Cover Price: 0.25 USD
Cover Date: October 1975
Country: United States
Spidey and Ned have been captured by the Jackal who spins a tale of grief and madness. The Jackal tells of how Miles Warren cloned Gwen Stacy to bring her back into his life. As Spidey races to rescue Ned from a bomb set by the Jackal, he is forced to battle a clone of himself. With seconds left until the bomb explodes, Warren is berated by Gwen's clone and comes to his senses, sacrificing himself to save Ned's life. Scaffolding falls on both Warren and the Spider-Man clone, however, apparently killing them both. Gwendy's takes off to make a new life for herself.