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Publisher: Fantagraphics
Title: The Complete Crumb Comics
Page Count: 152
Genre: Anthropomorphic-funny Animals, Humor, Mature, Satire-parody
Era: Copper
Cover Price: 16.95 USD; 20.95 CAD
Cover Date: April 2013
UPC: 97809301931151895
ISBN: 0-930193-92-X
Country: United States
Lenore and the commandos barge into a gathering of intellectuals to make a statement on female liberation.; Cheesis' life goes downhill after eating a hamburger.; Boingy bounces his way to China to avoid both his wife and the FBI.; Mr. Natural dies and goes to Heaven. And he's not impressed.; Mr. Natural repents and receives word that he must do penance.; Mr. Natural receives a telegram from God condemning him to Hell.; Two penises race to be the first at a vagina.