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Publisher: Archie
Title: Archie Comics Digest
Page Count: 132
Genre: Children, Humor, Teen
Era: Copper
Cover Price: 1.50 USD
Cover Date: April 1990
UPC: 07189646850201
Country: United States
Moose helps the Riverdale Quiz Bowl team win against their rivals.; Jimmy, a new kid in town, meets the members of the Riverdale gang.; Betty and Veronica tell famous gymnast Jamie Lou how much they want to be like her, but they find out that Jamie Lou would rather have their lives.; While on a ski trip Betty tries to keep Archie from seeing Veronica.; Archie and Mr. Weatherbee raise a tropical plant in Mr. Weatherbee's office.; Betty and Veronica are wearing the latest fashion, men's clothing, but Archie and Reggie make fun of them.; Archie makes his own shorts out of an old pair of jeans. He wants them to look ratty but his mother sews them up correctly for him.; Archie is directing a play about G.I's in World War II and Mr. Weatherbee offers to be in the play.; Archie accidentally wins a skiing trick contest.; Archie begins to notice that whenever Reggie is mean or insulting to Harvey, freak accidents suddenly start happening to him.; When Betty asks Veronica to help to French students, Veronica suddenly becomes suspicious that it is a trick to allow Betty to spend time with Archie.; Mr. Weatherbee chooses Archie's suggestions from the suggestion box to implement, thinking it would demonstrate how bad the suggestions are but instead he gets praise for implementing them by Superintendent Haskins.; Reggie buys flowers for Midge, but when he realizes that Moose Mason is still in town, he gives the flowers to Archie.; Veronica writes letters to Betty from her vacation, bragging about her exploits, but then she realizes that Betty has Archie all to herself back in Riverdale.; With all the things that can go wrong on a ski trip, is it really worth it?; Betty reads historical romance books and thinks of herself and Archie in the roles from the book.; Jinx is upset by the ingredients of her toaster pastry.; Reggie won't move a the counter so Moose and Midge can sit together.; Jughead has two things he can't eat before breakfast.; Betty's on a date with Archie. When she learns that he's saving his money for a date with Veronica, she determines to use it up herself.; Li'l Jinx builds a skinny snowman.; Jughead paints an airplane for an art contest.; Archie wonders why Veronica is skating with him and not Reggie.; Mr. Weatherbee is happy when Mary Andrews calls and says Archie won't be a school that day.; Jughead's horoscope says it is his lucky day.; Reggie plans to use a "No" sign to answer all of Jughead's questions.; Jughead's favorite part of the ski lodge is not the lifts.; The class gives Miss Grundy a present.; Li'l Jinx tries to avoid falling on the ice.; Archie's ski instructor teaches him to stop.; Archie makes a present for his mother.; Dilton can't take a hint when his date says she's cold.; Reggie can't shake the feeling he's not alone with his date.; An accounting class for girls is announced.; Mr. Lodge tells of the time he faced a lion.; It's measuring time at the Lodge Mansion.; Veronica's birthday gift from Archie is in the bottom of a cereal box.