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Publisher: Kodansha
Title: Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex
Page Count: 288
Genre: Horror-suspense, Mature, Science Fiction
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 10.99 USD; 11.99 CAD
Cover Date: November 2011
UPC: 9781935429869
ISBN: 978-1-935-42986-9
Country: United States
The Hawk 206 experimental tank prototype suddenly goes berserk at the Kenbishi Heavy Industries test facility in Harima, bursts from the grounds and heads toward a populated area. And the pilot code downloaded into the tank's on-board computer is that of the inventor, Takeshi Kago, who died a week prior to the incident.; While Section 9 attempts to stop the renegade tank in tachikoma units, Togusa and Ishikawa interview the companion of the dead engineer to find out who might be using his interface code.; Kenbishi gives Section 9 incomplete specs on the tank, causing their attempt to stop the tank to fail. After being pressed by Togusa and Ishikawa, Oba confesses the identity of who is operating the tank and why.; The tank's defense systems prevent Saito's sniper attempt with the anti-tank missiles. Aramaki learns that Kago has pre-programmed the tank to travel to his ancestral home and confront his parents, possibly out of revenge for not being allowed to prolong his life through cyberization.; Aramaki presses Kenbishi for full schematic disclosure on the renegade tank. And the Major makes a daring solo attempt to disable the tank, which has now reached populated areas.; Despite every effort made by Section 9, the tank reaches the Kago home and confronts Takeshi's parents.; Major Kusinagi links cyberbrains with the tank in order to burn it out, and learns the truth behind the entire incident.