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Publisher: EC
Title: Haunt of Fear
Page Count: 36
Genre: Horror-suspense
Era: Golden
Cover Price: 0.10 USD
Cover Date: November 1952
Country: United States
A man blackmails a doctor into transplanting his head onto another man's body, at first to avoid deformity and eventually to achieve immortality. By the time of the fourth operation the doctor is old enough not to be concerned about the possibility of blackmail, and wracked by guilt of the three killings over the years, leaves the separated head to die on the surgical table.; A man's wife is a attacked by a vampire while she is out in a rowboat in the middle of a lake and he is spear fishing. When he later returns to the lake, he hears of strange killings where the victims have been drained of blood and realizes that his wife must have been turned into one of the undead and now resides in the lake. He sharpens his spear and returns to the lake to stake her through the heart and bring her peace.; A man builds an automatic coffin to lower the cost of funerals. The coffin plays music, reads a service, and unfortunately for his sponging kid brother who lies down in it, drains the corpse's blood, injects formaldehyde, and buries itself with shovel attachments on its side.; The chef of an obese king finally gets fed up with him and converts him into sausages.