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Publisher: Archie
Title: Jughead's Double Digest
Page Count: 162
Genre: Humor
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 3.99 USD
Cover Date: January 2011
Country: United States
Jughead's dream that he is Cyrano continues as he helps Archie woo Betty.; Jughead tells his parents he doesn't want to go to college and join the "establishment." He wants to be a musician like his friend Sonny Cher, who dropped out of high school to pursue his music. So Archie sends him to meet Sonny, who now has a family to support and has to work as a parking lot attendant because of his lack of education.; Jughead and Dilton set out to write a story about the Riverdale Snowman, the mysterious creature in the woods, for the school paper.; Everyone enters a "Fantasy Snowman" building contest.; Archie wants to make a video for a TV show that shows funny videos and Jughead stages an elaborate hoax.; Samantha tries to help Bingo get over his inferiority complex about his lack of strength, but she fills him so full of confidence that he thinks he can take on a big hulking bruiser.; Jughead tries to talk Archie out of spying on Veronica to see if she's two-timing him.; The boys meet a kid who claims to be the adopted son of a Maharajah in the kingdom of Kashew (Gesuntheit!).; Jughead tells Veronica he knows royalty that lives in Riverdale.; It's almost Lunchtime!; Jughead is trying to exercise but Reggie is bothering him.; Archie and Jughead get jobs delivering Bananagrams.; Teddy uses his snow blower to bury Bingo's sidewalk after Bindo is done shoveling the snow off it.; Jughead tries to explain the phrase "I'm on a tear" to Moose.; Jughead and Archie go ice sailing but find out the girls are better at it than they are.; Hot Dog is left home alone but he finds a way to stay entertained.; Betty and Archie try to get Jughead a new hobby so he doesn't think about food all the time.; Jughead is critical of the service from Pop Tate so Pop decides to put Jughead behind the counter to see how well he can do.; Reggie is the best downhill ski racer in the school, while the cowardly Jughead wants no part of the sport... until Ethel's after him.; Jughead is late for the school bus.; While bowling, Reggie thinks Jughead has a good hook on the ball.; The school psychologist tries to figure out why Jughead eats so much.; Jughead takes a study break.; Jughead sits on a bear.; Jughead made a realistic bust of himself in Miss Grundy's class.; Jughead thinks his mom is cooking.; Four things to do with a swimming pool in the winter.; Jughead takes Hot Dog sledding.; Jughead's father says investing in land is always a good idea.; Archie thinks Jughead's dog can read.; The band teacher wants everybody to carry something so Jughead carries a tune.; Somebody spray painted "Archie is a Barbarian!" on a fence.; Jughead doesn't know how to break on ice yet.; Mr. Weatherbee asks Jughead what would happen if Mr. Weatherbee would sleep all day like Jughead does.