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Publisher: Archie
Title: Life with Archie
Page Count: 72
Genre: Drama, Humor
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 3.99 USD; 3.99 CAD
Cover Date: July 2010
Country: United States
Mr. Lodge buys up all the restaurants on the same block with Pop Tate, and decides that Archie and Veronica should make Pop a small offer on his malt shop before he has to declare bankrupcy. Midge and Moose break up and each finds someone else. Tempers flare during a Riverdale High reunion at the malt shop over Mr. Lodge's business tactics. When things look bleak, Moose announces his true first name and that's he's running for mayor of Riverdale.; Betty and Archie are showing their wedding movies to their neighbors before going to watch Archie sing. Betty gets a pay reduction at work instead of getting laid off and has her workload increased. Mr. Lodge offers to make Archie a musical superstar if the boy leaves Betty to go back to Veronica. Angered by the proposal, Archie throws Mr. Lodge out of the bar he's singing at. Feeling dejected and with few prospects, Archie stops at a dive for dinner, only to meet his childhood friend Ambrose. He then meets Betty and kisses her passionately, feeling better about his life. And watching the Andrews from the street is Dilton Doiley -- a scientist who supposedly disappeared after publishing his ground-breaking work on alternate universes.