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Publisher: EC
Title: Crime SuspenStories
Page Count: 36
Genre: Crime, Horror-suspense
Era: Golden
Cover Price: 0.10 USD
Cover Date: August 1952
Country: United States
A man stops for a standed motorist who has skidded into a snowbank. At about the same time, a young woman is murdered, and from the description of the killer and the getaway car, it seems that the man who aided the stranded motorist is guilty. He is imprisoned and faces the electric chair unless the man he helped out comes forward the clear him.; A seemingly happily married couple actually hate one another, and the husband wants out of the 15-year marriage. The wife refuses. They get involved in an auto accident, and Gladys is paralyzed in the wreck. Ernest decides to stay with her to tend to her needs but demands a night off every week. He buys her a gun to shoot any intruder that may break in while he is gone. When he comes home, Gladys has a surprise for him; she is not paralyzed after all, and she intends to kill him!; Herbert comes home late one night and his waiting wife. Suspecting that he is having an affair, she confronts him, shooting down all of his alibis. She tells him to leave but has second thoughts and phones him to come back, but he refuses. So she devises a plot to take a whole bottle of sleeping pills after writing a suicide note, then have Edith, her maid, call Herbert, then an ambulance so the attendants can save her life. But Edith and Herbert pull a fast one on Nancy!; A businessman, Ken Martin, comes home one evening and discovers his wife in the arms of his best friend, Walt. Ken swears revenge, so he calls the man up and suggests the two go moose hunting together, while secretly planning to "accidently" kill him. He succeeds, but a moose decides Kenneth's fate.; Walter is madly in love with Kenneth's wife, but he knows his friend will never get a divorce, so he decides to kill him. When Kenneth invites Walter on a moose hunting trip, Walter agrees, and the pair go out in a boat loaded with ropes and weights. Walter shoots and kills Kenneth, but his bullets go through the bottom of the boat, causing it to sink, and Walter can't swim!