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Publisher: EC
Title: Crime SuspenStories
Page Count: 36
Genre: Crime, Horror-suspense
Era: Golden
Cover Price: 0.10 USD
Cover Date: April 1952
Country: United States
Cynthia shows Charles her new $4000 mink coat and he goes ballistic, not knowing how he can afford such a luxury on his income. He rushes to the hospital and discovers an emergency operation that he is to do, and before he starts to operate, he spots that his lady patient is wearing a valuable diamond ring; he takes it. Later, the woman notes the ring missing and a search of the hospital begins. To cover his tracks, Charles places the ring in the skull of a dying patient, hoping later to retrieve the ring from the man's grave. Is he in for a surprise!; Ralph and Jeanne conspire to kill Ralph's wife who refuses to give him a divorce. After making sure he has an air-tight alibi, Ralph sneaks back to his home to shoot his wife, but she is not there. He sits down to wait on her, remembering back to when he first met Jeanne. When Mildred finally comes back, he kills her then races back to Jeanne's apartment. He enters and discovers Jeanne shot and dying; Mildred had killed her to get even with Ralph and what he was doing! Later, on death row, he sits, waiting to die....but charged with killing Jeanne!; Corporal Tacker arrives home on leave and finds the rented, ramshackle family home teeming with rats and biting insects. When the landlord refuses to correct the conditions of the house, Barry visits the USO, but they can't help either. So, Barry moves his family to a hotel and goes to the landlord for his security deposit back, but the landlord tells him that he must check the place for damages first. When the landlord enters the house, looking for phony repairs to eat up the security deposit, the stairs collapse and he tumbles to the floors, surrounded by rats, and no one to hear him scream!; Two stepsons, angry because their late mother willed her fortune to her husband, Henry, instead of to them, decide to kill Henry by loosening the bannister on the spiral staircase leading upstairs, a bannister that Henry leans on every time he descends the stairs. When that plan fails, they decide to poison his orange juice. Henry suspects the truth and leaves the house with a sample of the juice for the police to test. The two boys each drink the poisoned juice themselves to prevent their arrest for murder. After they down the liquid, the police appear at the door with a surprise for them!