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Publisher: Archie
Title: Archie Double Digest
Page Count: 164
Genre: Children, Humor, Teen
Era: Modern
Cover Price: 3.99 USD
Cover Date: September 2011
UPC: 72262746951922
Country: United States
Archie travels into the past to learn who the stranger was that talked Little Archie out of running away from home.; Sally Picket and her hippie parents help the Riverdale gang organize a peaceful protest when the city council decides to turn their football field into a parking lot.; Archie fantasizes about being involved in various important times in American history.; With the cafeteria being remodeled, Little Jughead has to figure out a way to get enough food in a school day. Luckily his Uncle Fred has a food cart.; After helping a little green man fix his spaceship, the Little Archies receive a square egg which hatches into a Freebee.; Archie's guide on surviving high school.; Archie and Jughead help Archie's dad relive a day from his youth.; Archie and Dilton plan to make a clone of Archie but some of Reggie's DNA gets mixed in, creating a person that looks like Archie but acts like Reggie.; Archie wants to meet the attractive red-headed girl that moved in next door.; Archie fails a test and Miss Grundy recommends he study with Betty and Veronica, who both aced it. But Betty spends the time playing house and Veronica becomes angry, so the only subject he does well in is war.; When Little Sabrina loses her notes for her report on George Washington, she bring Little George Washington to the present so she can learn about his life for her report.; Annoyed at the high price of gas, Archie dreams that night of a world that has run out of gas completely.; Mr. Lodge has a security system installed so he can tell when Archie is in the house. Archie uses the system to capture burglars in the Lodge mansion.; Wilbur and Slats haze the new student, Bolo Brown, but when Laurie finds out, the plan backfires.; Wilbur tries to get back at Slats with a special treasure map for Laurie's party. Laurie's father gets the map instead and gets Wilbur's surprise.; Archie and Reggie goof around on a new trampoline; When Veronica is named homecoming queen she enlists all her friends to build her a giant float for the parade.; When Pops advertises a two-for-one burger special, Archie thinks he can afford dates with both Betty and Veronica if they eat there.; On the way to caddy for Mr. Weatherbee at the Hackleton Golf Club, a sleepy Archie stops off at Dilton's garage, where the diminutive genius unveils his latest invention: the "pocket snoozer," an inflatable mattress that fits into your pocket. Unfortunately, Archie leaves the valve on while taking a nap on the mattress, and soon finds himself airborne, floating over Mr. Weatherbee's club.; Archie's car loses a door during a zoo safari ride and a lion steals Jughead's hamburgers.; Mr. Weatherbee can't sleep.; Jughead, Moose and Archie go bowling.; Little Reggie is caught talking in class.; Little Jughead has the hiccups.; Archie can't sleep because of Jughead's snoring.; Archie teaches his parents how to get on the internet and they use it to check his grades.; Tiny is pulled over for his reckless driving.; Archie and Jughead are in a rush to see the new food court girl at the mall but for different reasons.