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Publisher: EC
Title: Crime SuspenStories
Page Count: 36
Genre: Crime, Horror-suspense
Era: Golden
Cover Price: 0.10 USD
Cover Date: January 1951
Country: United States
Mystery writer Wilton believes he has come upon a logical, workable method of committing a crime behind locked doors of a sealed room. But one publisher after another rejects the manuscript at every turn.....so Wilton decides to commit the crime for real. Becoming quite smug that the authorities cannot locate "the killer", Wilton doesn't reckon with what happens next!; To humor a good looking, young insurance salesman, Thelma takes out a double-indemnity policy on her good-for-nothing, worthless husband. After she kills him, she drives out on a country road to dispose of the body, fakes an accident, collects the money and then meets George. George changes his insurance policy to now include his new wife, but when a tragic accident, similar to the one that killed Sam, occurs, Thelma is nailed for murder.; Dora gets fed up with her husband and his freak show occupation, and falls in love with another circus performer. When Fred discovers the affair and the fact that the pair intend to put him out of the way, he comes up with a plan......; A comic book editor has endured five years worth of sweating and toiling for his publisher, and never is given the credit he believes is due him. Wanting to get the boss out of the way, Tom Brogen decides to use one of the artists to do the deed through a series of manipulations in which Tom worms his way into Paul's fiancee's life and blames "an affair" with Mr. Graynor. But the scheme backfires in an unusual way!