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Publisher: EC
Title: Crime SuspenStories
Page Count: 36
Genre: Crime, Horror-suspense
Era: Golden
Cover Price: 0.10 USD
Cover Date: February 1951
Country: United States
At a party thrown by the Goldens, Harry and Irene concoct a scheme to kill John, dump him in a sewer, and then be together for all time. However, the foul deed, once done, turns Irene's stomach and she ditches him. But Harry has another plan in mind what to do to cover his tracks when he discovers she has gone to the Police.; Really fed up with his wife, Archie ponders what to do.....until he meets a Mr. Biddy, who offers to kill his wife for Archie. But things are not what they seem once the foul deed is done.; Crowds flocked to the theater to see Ventar, acclaimed as good a magician as the late Houdini or Thurston. The magician later reveals to his long time assistant a new metal he created that dissolves in water, thus allowing his to do a variety of seemingly dangerous illusions. But the assistant double crosses his master and later assumes the role of master illusionist....until Ventar returns from the grave for justice.; Fred Vanderhoff invites a group of his hunter friends to his mountain retreat to do some hunting, but the next morning they discovered that a heavy snow had fallen overnight, trapping them in their retreat for at least two weeks. When their host is killed the next day, the others make their way to the Police, each suspecting the other of the crime. When all are invited by Fred's father to the Vanderhoff mansion, the old man has a test to prove who the guilty party is.