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Publisher: Marvel
Title: Tales of Suspense
Page Count: 36
Genre: Superhero
Era: Silver
Cover Price: 0.12 USD
Cover Date: July 1966
Country: United States
On returning from the Orient, Tony Stark finds his money has been impounded, his factories shut down, and there's a warrant out for his arrest--all for failing to appear before Senator Byrd's Congressional committee! Weak and low on power, he goes to Pepper's apartment--but she's not home. In a stairwell, he dons his suit of armor and does an emergency charge. After having no better luck at Avengers HQ or Happy's apartment, he strolls down to the waterfront to think. But from the waters rises Warlord Krang's flagship! On the run with Lady Dorma, he sees a chance to impress her, and attacks! As she tries to stop him, Iron Man strikes back, sending his ship fleeing. Desperate, Iron Man flies to his factory and crashes in thru a skylight. But he barely gets to his feet when he's suddenly confronted with--Sub-Mariner!; Cap battles a squad of costumed assassins attacking a power station in the heart of NYC--but nobody else can see them! While a crowd thinks he's losing it, the baddies escape in a solar-powered aircraft. Elsewhere, we learn that Cap's worst enemy, The Red Skull, is alive! He, along with two compatriots, Horst & Wolfgang, wound up in suspended animation thanks to an experimental gas released during a bombing run near the end of WW2. Found & revived by "THEM," they now work with the secret organization--but only as long as it suits their purposes. Using a "hypno-helmet," another assassin strikes while Cap is consulting with a psychiatrist. Elsewhere, we discover that Advanced Idea Mechanics (A.I.M.) are really part of "THEM," as Count Royale prepares for his mission to discredit Nick Fury. Before he leaves, the scientists show him their greatest achievement--"The Cosmic Cube." He worries if it should fall into the hands of a "madman" like The Skull--but they remind him that The Skull, like Royale, serve "The Grand Imperator." The Skull plans to frame Cap for murder, and Horst prepares to kill a WW2 vet who's getting Cap's autograph. But Cap clobbers Horst, revealing a printed circuit supplied him by SHIELD which countered the hypnotic waves. Shocked to learn his oldest enemy is alive, he realizes his most desperate battle lies before him.